Quality assurance is where we add our value. When producing non-standard parts each item has it's own characteristics and poses new challenges for the producer. Clear communication with the customer and the producer are therefore crucial. Our quality manager understands what our customers require and makes sure the personnel checking the products are fully aware of these standards. 


Our customers require all sorts of quality assurance levels from a simple AQL level to the more demanding PPAP and FMEA procedures. Our personnel are experienced in dealing with these requirements as are our suppliers whom are often TS16949 certified. Techlink places great emphasis on these quality demands and this starts with having the quality / engineering departments involved in the initial supplier selection for a new product, so that we are confident our supplier can implement the procedures necessary for a satisfying outcome.


Continious improvement is the cornerstone of delivering a quality service, keeping measurement data of our products provides us a clear path to learning from previously made mistakes and is thus one of the primary tasks of our quality assurance team. 


To guarantee our ability to check products and qualify them we have the necessary tools and equipment in our office such as: material hardness tester, surface thickness measuring device, height guage and additional calipers and guages. For more advanced testing such as 3D measuring or the testing of weld strengths we outsource to 3rd parties such as SGS.