Production in Asia provides most upside when products are labor / energy intensive and production quantities are relatively small. Examples of these kind of products are: precision or die-castings that require CNC machining, welded assemblies that require surface finishing or products that require a tool such a stampings, hot forgings or injection moulded items. 


Techlink has the ability to provide you with a range of cost-efficient production methods and can do so in relatively small quantities providing you with a lower cost yet reliable solution to your supply needs.


Being aware of all the pitfalls when producing non-standard parts in Asia we tackle issues by communicating with our clients openly whether it’s incomplete drawings or specifications we make sure all bases are covered before we go ahead and mass produce your order. Techlink’s focus is on building a long-term business relationship in which we supply our clients with a variety of products instead of the often prevailing local culture of putting short-term gains before long-term profits.